Rising up together to enhance the preparedness of Nunavut Inuit for employment


APPLY TODAY; Call for Proposal Open

February 26, 2021

Call for Proposals: Distance Learning/E-Learning services for Nunavut Inuit Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation is accepting proposals to provide distance learning/e- learning services. The aim of…

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we invite you to view Piruqatigiit’s new website!

October 15, 2020

The website is now easier to use and was beautifully designed by Katittut. It features illustrations by Atiigo Media and Arviat artist Charlotte Karetak. All…

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Learn about our Strategic Plan on this website, or download the   here.


Qaggiavuut Society Inuit Performing Arts, Programming for Nunavut Children & Youth

The Qaggiavuut Society is strengthening and supporting Inuit performing artists and expanding Inuit performing arts programming to children and youth. Qaggiavuut heard the resounding call for increased economic opportunities for established artists who are struggling to maintain, develop and promote their work. They also heard the need for Inuit performing arts programming for children and…

RCMP V Division Recruiting – RCMP Assisted Application Entrance Program

RCMP’s proposal is titled Program. This project meets Makigiaqta’s SPA #3 – Foundational Skills Development Opportunities for Adults. Community of Training – 10 Participants in Iqaluit and Regina, Sask. Start and End – January 2020 to December 2020 V Division RCMP – RCMP Assisted Application Entrance Program Purpose to provide literacy and numeracy skills required…

Recreation & Parks Association of Nunavut

The “Leading the Way” initiative will support youth training and employment; Inuit Mentor training and contract work for young adults; and an increase in after and/or out of school programs for children and youth, inclusive of physical activity, sport, cooking and cultural activity.

Piruqatigiit Resource Centre – Inuuqatigiit Iliniaqtiit- Learning about FASD Together

Strategic Priority Early Learning Systems Wrap-around supports for success in K-12 and beyond. Advanced Training and Post Secondary for Employment in Key Sectors Inuuqatigiit Iliniaqtiit – Learning about FASD Together 3 Years April 2019 – March 2022 All across Nunavut Pirurqatigiit Resource Centre would like to create an accessible, online certificate program for community members,…

Arctic Fresh Inc.

Arctic Fresh is an Inuit owned company, with its head office based in Igloolik Nunavut. It has been catering to customers located in Nunavut’s Baffin region since 2016.

Ilitaqsiniq – Nunavut Literacy Council

Tapiriit Project Ilitaqsiniq creates, pilots and evaluate innovative models of non-formal, culture-based learning programs embedded with literacy, language and other work related skills. Participant outcomes of the original non-formal program “Miqqut” were captured and recorded though community-based research and included: increased confidence, wellbeing, culture identity and 85% of participants transitioning to employment or certificate level…

Pirurvik Centre

Pirurvik Centre is working to become an Indigenous-owned postsecondary Institute that delivers formal, accredited programs in Inuktut and advanced Inuit Knowledge. These programs respond to the employment needs of Inuit and the cultural aspirations Of Nunavummiut. This will be achieved by developing, delivering and evaluating the results of two full-time diploma


Inspire Nunavut trains young people across Nunavut to become social entrepreneurs, traditional entrepreneurs and problem solvers. Our mission as an organization is to empower youth to challenge the complex problems they face in their remote communities by creating culturally relevant solutions via entrepreneurship.

Qikiqtani Inuit Association – Ipitiki 2

Early Learning Systems Building on the success of the Makigiaqta-funded, QIA-led Ipitiki program, QIA proposes a multi-year project which directly aligns with Makigiaqta strategic priorities. Ipitiki 2 will deliver governance training to daycare boards operating in the Qikiqtani region, host a three-day daycare managers conference for Qikiqtani centers, expand the Elders in Daycare pilot development…

Kitikmeot Inuit Association

Staff Inuktut Language Development and Strengthening Initiative Kitikmeot Inuit Association Staff Inuktut Language Development and Strengthening Initiative will build the ground work that KIA as an Inuit Organization need to do to maintain and increase the use of Inuktut in the workplace. KIA used this project funding to develop individual learning plans, an organization retreat…