Qajuqturvik Food Centre

  • Over the course of the program, QCFC staff were able to build strong relationships with many participants. Once trust was gained, staff were able to provide resources and supports for participants, such as mental health resources, housing and shelter supports, and addiction treatment opportunities.
  • Many participants were able to get out on the land and participate in hunting and harvesting activities. For some participants, their involvement with the program was the first time they had been out on the land for many years. Many participants reported that the land activities had a strong positive impact on their mental health.

Throughout the program, participants gained culinary skills by participating in meal preparation and cooking of QCFC’s daily Community Meal. Through this service delivery mechanism, participants were able to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of hundreds of Iqalummiut, the majority of them being Nunavut Inuit.