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The work of Makigiaqta is led by the Director of Inuit Training Programs at Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI) and supported by other NTI staff from, among others, the Inuit Training Programs Division, Social and Cultural Development Department, Legal Department, Communications Department, and Financial Department.

Makigiaqta is governed by a Board of Directors, which is responsible for approving strategies, action plans on specific issues, annual work plans, and all major contribution and partnership agreements.

The Board of Directors is supported by an Advisory Council, which provides advice on how to best use the training funds and to help coordinate Makigiaqta’s initiatives with those of the member organizations and other training organizations and employers in Nunavut.


  • President, NTI
  • Vice-President, NTI
  • President, QIA
  • President, KivIA
  • President, KitIA
  • Government of Nunavut (2 seats)


  • NTI representative
  • GN representative
  • Government of Canada
  • representative
  • Additional members (appointed by the Board)


  • Director of Inuit Training Programs, NTI
  • Support from NTI staff team
  • Additional staff and consultant support (as approved by the Board of Directors)