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Enhancing preparedness for successful employment is a series of steps, not a one-time event. As such, Makigiaqta will strive to ensure that Nunavut Inuit have access to a full spectrum of high-quality, Inuit-specific learning and employment programs across the lifespan.

Learning across the lifespan supports the journey of successful employment. It includes:

  • learning in the early years;
  • the learning gained in families and communities throughout our lives;
  • success in basic education (K-12), vocational programs, and post-secondary programs; and,
  • continuous learning throughout our adult years, including workplace-based learning, that enables us to anticipate and adapt to changing conditions in the labour market and progress in our careers.

A full spectrum of learning supports for Nunavut Inuit includes those rooted in Inuit culture as well as those needed for the wage-based economy. Makigiaqta will invest in programs that reinforce Inuktut and Inuit culture and learning traditions.

Makigiaqta will also take into account projected labour market needs and strive to invest in programs that connect individuals with opportunities for employment that are aligned with each individual’s needs and goals.