Inspire Nunavut


To deliver training through the practical experience of starting and running a business within the training program. Participants are taken through a 6-month intervention where they learn entrepreneurship in their community, this was the original plan, due to the pandemic, they switch to virtual training model which was a 12 week per cohort training.


Over the course of the agreement, Inspire had ran 15 cohorts with 227 participants. Notable guest speakers & workshop facilitators included:

  • Tagak Curley
  • Alethea Arnaquq-Baril
  • Nooks Lindell
  • Martha Kyak
  • Elisapee Isaac
  • Hovak Johnston
  • Bernice Clarke Tootoo
  • Jordan Konek
  • Madeline Redfern

All participants completed their Business Model Canvases, developed presentations to share their business ideas, and are provided with resources for further education, employment, and training opportunities.