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Preparedness for employment is a complex social challenge, impacted by diverse and changing conditions, and involving families, communities, service providers, and employers. It is simply not possible to take a linear approach, planned from start to finish, for a generational initiative that will sustainably enhance Inuit preparedness for employment. The Makigiaqta Strategic Plan is designed to allow for flexibility, based on experience about what is found to be effective and what is not, plus emerging needs and opportunities (e.g. new technology), and ongoing reflection.

Makigiaqta will regularly review and renew its strategy and work plans based on:

  • Performance data (of its own and other organizations’ programs);
  • Changing labour market needs;
  • Emerging risks and opportunities;
  • Partners’ needs and perspectives; and,
  • New research about promising practices.

To inform its review and renewal processes, Makigiaqta will conduct ongoing internal monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities. In addition, staff will prepare annual progress reports that outline activities completed during the year and the performance data collected about progress toward intended outcomes.