Nunavut Independent Television Network


This project proposes to work with two Nunavut communities to create and broadcast 16 30-minute live television episodes (8 each community). Each episode will be planned, scheduled, filmed, and created by local community members with training and support from NITV Igloolik and Arviat production staff. Each episode will feature community-created content, including interviews, performances, and local events as planned and decided by community team members. Every episode would be broadcast live on Uvagut TV, available to 620,000 subscribers across Northern Canada and globally on the Uvagut TV website (



This project helps train participants in advanced television and media broadcasting, skills included:

  • Production, including:
    • Community outreach
    • Civic journalism & current affairs
    • Episode scripting and planning
    • host & interview skills
  • Administrative:
    • Guest booking,
    • Record keeping
    • Technical, including:
    • Camera
    • Lighting
    • Audio
    • Switching
  • Basic editing & on-site troubleshooting


A total of 23 episodes were completed between Igloolik, Arviat and Iqaluit.