Nunavut Sivuniksavut Academic & Career Development Program

Over the years Nunavut Students have often expressed a desire to have a work experience component as part of their program as NS.

Nunavut Sivuniksavut proposes to help develop a new Academic & Career Development (ACD) program that will provide its graduates and other selected individuals with the opportunity to advance their post-secondary credentials while simultaneously acquiring on-the-job training in the fields of management and administration in areas that would be relevant in Nunavut.

The ACD program would be delivered under the auspices of Carleton University in Ottawa, with initial coordination and support provided by NS. Participants would take a combination of Carleton courses leading to a Certificate in Northern Public Administration; at the same time, they would undertake supervised work placements in various government departments in practices in the public sector.

Morley Hanson

Nunavut Sivuniksavut

Pilot project

Nunavut Sivuniksavut proposes to design and pilot a new program that will combine a year of university courses that will be relevant to public administration in Nunavut, with a series of work placements in federal government departments. This combination will expand the educational series that NS provides to Inuit youth, by starting them on a path that could lead to an eventual degree; it will also give them work experience that will expose them to future career possibilities within the public sector and enhance their ability to compete for government positions at the entry level and beyond.

The pilot will involve six students, all graduates of NS Advanced Inuit Studies program. It will involve;

Two academic terms at Carleton University leading to a Certificate in Nunavut Public Services Studies;

A rotation of two 3-month work placements in various government departments in Ottawa; and

The completion of a formal evaluation at the end of the program

The pilot will cover a 21-month period, beginning in June 15, 2018 and ending March 31, 2020

It will jointly be funded by the Government of Canada, the GN (through FANS) and Makigiaqta.

Morley Hanson

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