Ilitaqsiniq Nunavut Literacy Council – Ilinniaqta

Ilitaqsiniq Nunavut Literacy Council – Ilinniaqta

Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation Priorities:

  • Early Learning Systems
  • Wrap Around Support for success in K-12 and beyond

Start and end date not determined yet, CA August 30, 2019 – September 2020


The first initiative is known as the Pinnguaqta Program. The Pinnguaqta program will be delivered in Rankin Inlet and will give the community the opportunity to engage in an early learning education program as a family. The program will be adapted and built from the Pirurvik Preschool in Pond Inlet that combined Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit practices with the methodology of Montessori. The program will encourage parents, caregivers and children to participate in child-lead play with Inuit made and created toys, resources and learning materials along with Montessori toys and learning resources adapted to Inuktut that supports children and parents to build skills that support children throughout the formalized school years. The Pinnguata program will train and hire local Inuit to carry out the program. The training support will be facilitated by the Pirurvik Preschool and Ilitaqsiniq staff. A local Elder will work within the program as well to offer parenting support, program guidance, healthy relationship building skills for parents and children and provide Inuktut language of instruction.

The second initiative that will be offered within this project is a program called Ilitsiqatigiik. The program will be offered in Iqaluit. The program will be focused on bringing together children with their parents, caregivers or role models to engage in Inuit cultural practices and teachings. The programs foundation would be rooted in intergenerational learning that engages children and their caregivers in learning programs based in Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Inuit learning traditions. In the program parents and their children will work together to enhance Inuit culture practices and skills. This program will be for Inuit students, children, youth as well as their families, parents and other caregivers to support overall development and learning and strong skills, knowledge and values rooted in Inuit culture. This program would support learning for both male and female children with their parents to support a strengthened bond, create lasting memories and provide a safe, welcoming space for children and their caregivers to learn together. The program would be led by Elders and content specialist. Ilitaqsiniq would like the opportunity to offer these programs as an expansion and strengthening of our existing programs that have been successful.

Project Goals

  • To pilot and deliver an early childhood education program in Rankin Inlet building on the Pirurvik Preschool method of incorporating Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Montessori learning through play methodologies
  • To pilot and deliver two cultural learning programs in Iqaluit for young children and their parents and/or their role models
  • To provide mentorship to new trainers, such as through collaborative planning and co-facilitation of programs by more experienced trainers
  • To better prepare parents and children for the demands of formalized schooling and give children the access and opportunity to participate in actives that will prepare them or school
  • To support parents and children to bond and build healthy relationshios and memories by working together on projects that build their Inuit cultural pride through development of practices and skills
  • To support families in a holistic way that will have positive effects on the relationships between home and the school/education.