The Nunavut Bilingual Education Society (NBES)

The Nunavut Bilingual Education Society (NBES)

The Nunavut Bilingual Education Society (NBES) is a community-based, non-profit society established in 2003. NBES was created by a group of Nunavut educators, cultural promoters, and storytellers concerned with the preservation, protection, and promotion of Inuit oral history and storytelling, cultural knowledge, and language.

The Nunavut Bilingual Education Society will be conducting their program titled “Strengthening Language Through Writing and Storytelling”.

The goals of the program are as follows:

  1. to teach transferrable writing skills to Inuit adults, equipping them with the core skills needed to advance in further employment and education opportunities;
  2. to provide specialized training and support for aspiring Inuit writers; supporting career progression in the writing industry by providing sector-specific courses and mentorship opportunities directly linked with employment and professional advancement;
  3. to further support and promote Inuktitut language literacy, providing writing course materials, and instruction in Inuktitut, in collaboration with Nunavut educators and language experts;
  4. to further expand access and availability of educational writing courses and support across Nunavut, offering a user friendly, community-centred online platform.


Amelia Spedaliere
Project Manager
Nunavut Bilingual Education Society (NBES)

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