Ilitaqsiniq – Nunavut Literacy Council

Ilitaqsiniq Nunavut Literacy Council – Ilinniaqta

Tapiriit Project

Ilitaqsiniq creates, pilots and evaluate innovative models of non-formal, culture-based learning programs embedded with literacy, language and other work related skills. Participant outcomes of the original non-formal program “Miqqut” were captured and recorded though community-based research and included: increased confidence, wellbeing, culture identity and 85% of participants transitioning to employment or certificate level education.

However, the program is, in a variety of ways, adapted for participants with physical, cognitive and mental disabilities with increased consideration for the development of wellbeing and wellness outcomes for participants.

They had;

small engine repair in Iqaluit; this program taught participants to rebuild engines

Miqqut program in Rankin; this is a popular sewing program where participants learn to sew their own parkas.

Niqitsialirniq in Rankin; this focused on traditional and contemporary Inuit harvesting and food preparation skills.

They are planning to run a Miqqut program in Iqaluit in November.

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