Quvvariarniq Mentorship Program- CALL FOR APPLICATION NOW OPEN

Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation

Quvvariarniq Mentorship Program

Call for Applications

Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation (“Makigiaqta”) is opening applications under its Quvvariarniq Program for mentorship opportunities intended to provide Nunavut Inuit with education, training and skills needed for employment to enhance their economic participation and opportunities, and to train the next generation of Inuit leaders.

Makigiaqta will accept applications from either employers or organizations providing mentorship opportunities to Nunavut Inuit, or self-directed individual Nunavut Inuit who wish to pursue mentorship opportunities. Eligible employers or organizations can be awarded up to a maximum of $250,000 each under the Quvvariarniq Program. Eligible Nunavut Inuit can be awarded amounts based on their mentorship plan. The total amount allocated for the Quvvariarniq Program for the 2022/2023 fiscal year is $1 million. The Program Guidelines are available here.


Makigiaqta was established following a $175 million out-of-court settlement between Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (“NTI”) and the Governments of Nunavut and Canada. Makigiaqta is responsible for administering the settlement fund to enhance Inuit’s preparedness for employment and other economic opportunities. Makigiaqta’s purpose is to carry out activities to support and provide educational opportunities, training and skills acquisition programs to Nunavut Inuit for the purpose of enhancing the ability of Nunavut Inuit to quality for, obtain, retain or advance in employment. Makigiaqta’s vision is a vibrant Inuit workforce that contributes to strengthened Inuit wellbeing and self-determination, as envisioned in the creation of Nunavut.

Makigiaqta’s Strategic Plan (the “Plan”), which is available here, outlines four Strategic Priorities:

1. Priority 1: Early learning systems. Investment in early learning services, especially services rooted in children’s language, heritage and culture, is strongly associated with success in K-12, employment, and positive mental health outcomes.

2. Priority 2: Wrap-around supports for success in K-12 and beyond. Wrap-around supports are intended to complement and support the Government of Nunavut’s efforts to strengthen Nunavut’s basic education system and K-12 learning outcomes.

3. Priority 3: Foundational skills development opportunities for adults. The Government of Nunavut and NTI have identified the need for direct and immediate action to provide literacy and adult basic education opportunities for Inuit to improve their access to employment.

4. Priority 4: Advanced training and post-secondary education for employment in key sectors. Enhancing post-secondary and sector-specific training programs linked with employment demand will assist more Inuit in progressing their careers, ultimately increasing Inuit employment in higher-skilled jobs in the near-term.

The Quvvariarniq Program

The Quvvariarniq Program primarily advances Strategic Priorities 3 and 4. It is a mentorship funding program available to employers or organizations that provide mentorship opportunities to Nunavut Inuit or a self-directed individual Inuk that wish to pursue mentorship or internship opportunities on their own. The Program defines “mentorship” as:

Arrangements permitting Nunavut Inuit to advance their professional or personal skills and/or leadership capabilities under the guidance of one or more other individuals with relevant experience. Mentorship opportunities can include, but are not limited to, co-op, apprenticeships, internships, practicums, or work placements, where applicable. Mentorship opportunities may also be used to assist Nunavut Inuit to complete certain courses leading to professional accreditation where, for example, a set number of hours are required to be supervised.

The goals of the Program include building capacity / support for Nunavut Inuit to strengthen educational, training and skills acquisition through Inuit-specific career advancement and career development opportunities in the following areas:

  • Professional occupations that require post-secondary degrees and supervised experience as preconditions to licensed practice, including but not limited to accountants, architects, dentists, engineers, lawyers, nursing, physicians, and teachers.
  • Professional occupations that require supervised experience as preconditions to receiving national standard certification, including but not limited to pilots, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and journeymen.
  • Professional occupations that require skills development, education, and training prior to employment, including but not limited to language training, aesthetics, culinary arts, early childhood education, health lab technicians, heavy equipment operation, information technology, and midwifery.
  • Athletic opportunities for self-directed individuals which are intended to provide a steppingstone towards professional opportunities in sports.
  • Leadership and management opportunities, including but not limited to opportunities to train or mentor Nunavut Inuit for middle and/or senior management opportunities.
  • Business and entrepreneurship opportunities, including but not limited to providing funding to assist businesses or organizations owned or run by Nunavut Inuit to hire staff they would not otherwise be in a position to hire, or to hire individuals with professional training who require a certain number of hours before receiving professional accreditation.

The Program will provide a systematic process for Makigiaqta to carry out its mission of providing lifelong, blended learning and development opportunities for Nunavut Inuit.

Quvvariarniq Program Requirements

Makigiaqta is seeking proposals that meet the criteria described above and in the Program Guidelines. Priority will be given to mentorship applications managed and delivered primarily by Nunavut Inuit. The maximum length for the delivery of any program is one year. Successful applicants may be awarded up to a maximum of $250,000. Makigiaqta will negotiate program start times and lengths with successful applicants.

All successful applicants will be required to (a) undergo an orientation session; (b) enter into an agreement with Makigiaqta containing standard terms and conditions for the Program; and (c) provide quarterly updates while receiving funding. For employers or organizations, the total contribution from Makigiaqta cannot exceed 50% of the wages for each Inuk mentored using funding provided through this Program.

Applicants are encouraged to consult the Program Guidelines for more information. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they meet all eligibility requirements and the requirements in the Program Guidelines.

Eligible Employers and Individuals

This program is intended to provide mentorship opportunities for individuals on the Nunavut Inuit Enrolment List, whether they reside inside or outside of Nunavut (“Nunavut Inuit”). Makigiaqta will accept proposals from:

  • Employers or organizations that identify Nunavut Inuit who want and/or would benefit from mentorship opportunities;
  • Employers or organizations that would like to mentor Nunavut Inuit who are currently enrolled in post-secondary education, either between semesters or upon the completion of their degree/program; or
  • Self-directed Nunavut Inuit who can find their own mentorship or internship opportunity.

Priority will be given to employers or organizations within Nunavut that do not have the financial means to provide mentorship opportunities from their own operating budget, and to individual Inuit who are not going to receive any other student financial assistance or other student sponsorships or support.

Makigiaqta will not accept proposals from:

  • Departments of the Government of Canada or the Government of Nunavut or other public institutions that are required to provide mentorship opportunities to Nunavut Inuit under Article 23 of the Nunavut Agreement;
  • Employers that have the financial means or capacity to provide mentorship opportunities to employees;
  • • Any Institutions of Public Government;1 or
  • • Any applicant with outstanding bad debts with Makigiaqta and/or NTI.

Instructions for the Delivery of Proposals

All proposals must meet the mandatory requirements of Makigiaqta’s Project Application Form. Applicants can provide additional information that does not fit on the form as attachments. The Application Form is available on www.makigiaqta.com, and applicants should review the Application form thoroughly for details about the information and documents that must be included with all proposals.

Employers or organizations must also provide required proof of compliance, such as registration under the Societies Act, the Business Corporations Act, the Inuit Firm Registry, or evidence of in good-standing status or extra-territorial registration.

Applicants must clearly indicate on any proposal that it is being submitted in response to this call for proposals, and may submit their proposal in person, by mail or by electronic transmission to:

Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation

P.O. Box 638

922 Igluvut Building

Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0

Phone: (867)-975-4900

Email address: makigiaqta@tunngavik.com.

Deadline for Submitting Proposals

Makigiaqta will continue to accept applications until the total funding for this Program for the 2022/2023 fiscal year has been allocated.

Questions About this Call for Proposals

Applicants may submit any questions about this call for proposals to: Randy Qamaniq, Director, Department of Inuit Training Programs & Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation, at RQamaniq@tunngavik.com.

Makigiaqta’s Review of Proposals

Project Officers will screen proposals as they are received to confirm their eligibility and that they meet the requirements in the Program Guidelines. Project Officers may contact applicants where proposals are deficient or incomplete and ask that they revise their proposals. The Selection Committee, consisting of the Chief Executive Officer of Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, the Director of the Department of Inuit Training and the Director of Inuit Employment, will review all eligible proposals and select the successful proposals.

Makigiaqta will advise applicants whether their proposals have been accepted as they are reviewed.