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Pirurvik Preschool Training Project

Makigiaqta’s Strategic priorities

  • Early Learning Systems
  • Wrap Around Support for K-12 and beyond
  • Foundational skills development for adults
  • Advanced training and post secondary for employment is key sectors

Here are five areas we hope to seek funding for so we may continue to build upon our existing early childhood educational training programs.

  1. Development of take-home documents for parents, such as an information guide on IQ-Montessori, a parent pamphlet and a small staff training handbook for current and future staff members to the program. Each would be designed according to each community daycare program, including photos, contact information and programming details. All resources would be developed in Inuktitut and English. We would also like to provide long-term support for childcare staff with follow-up conference calls.
  2. Tundra Buddies Daycare IQ-Montessori program development and mentorship project with the Pirurvik and Tumikuluit staff. Tundra Buddies hopes to ground its’ programming in an environment supportive of inuktut, and foundation of Inuktut programming. As Nunavut’s largest daycare, Tundra Buddies would benefit from the mentorship, guidance and leadership of the Tumikuluit & Pirurvik staff. With Tessa as an acting board member of TBDC, we hope that the Pirurvik Preschool model will provide a strong foundation in ECE.
  3. Development of a 100-page resource guide in Inuktitut and English. This would be a step-by-step guide with accompanying 1-minute instructional videos on how to use each of the materials in the program, demonstrated by the Pirurvik and Timikuluit staff. There are 100 resources and materials in the program, so we hope to develop a 100-page document with 1 material/resource per page. The front side of each page would be in inuktut, and the back side of each page would be in English, which would result in 200-typed pages total with a strong visually dominant outline. We also hope to create an infant-toddler handy manual in Inuktut with lullabies, songs, sign language and other methods of communication with infants and toddlers.
  4. Clyde River, Tumikuluit and Pirurvik program training/mentorship: The IQ-Montessori pilot training program with the Clyde River staff was successful initiative, supported by Makigiaqta, and we hope to support them and Tumikuluit staff with further training to enhance their successful program. We hope to send daycare staff members from each staff to Toronto for a 2-week training in Montessori training which would result in a training certificate, and help them to foster their skills as trainers for communities across Nunavut.
  5. Professional development for Pirurvik Staff: The Pirurvik Preschool staff have been invited to present at an International conference on grounding indigenous knowledge in Early Childhood Education / Montessori practice. We are seeking travel funding for the staff to travel to the conference so we may present on our program there and share our successes with indigenous early childhood educators fron around the world.

Arctic Bay- scheduled to begin daycare training project Jan-May 2022

Cambridge Bay- scheduled to begin daycare training project Sep-Dec 2020

Clyde River- staff invited to participate in the Toronto Training in August 2019

Igloolik- scheduled to begin the Igloolik community daycare training daycare project Jan-May 2021

Iqaluit- scheduled to begin Iqaluit Tumikuluit daycare training project April-June 2019 and staff members invited from Tumikuluit would start the Toronto training in August 2019 and the Tundra Buddies training June 2019

Pond Inlet- scheduled to begin the Pond Inlet daycare training project Sep-Dec 2019 and the staff members from the Pirurvik Preschool would start the Toronto training in Aug 2019

Rankin Inlet- scheduled to begin the Rankin Inlet community daycare training project Jan-May 2020.


Tessa Lochhead