Pirurvik Centre

Pirurvik Centre is working to become an Indigenous-owned postsecondary Institute that delivers formal, accredited programs in Inuktut and advanced Inuit Knowledge. These programs respond to the employment needs of Inuit and the cultural aspirations Of Nunavummiut. This will be achieved by developing, delivering and evaluating the results of two full-time diploma

Programs, specifically designed for Nunavut Inuit:

  • i) Foundational Inuktut Working Language Diploma (for Inuit second language learnerswho are not functional in Inuktut);
  • ii) Advanced Inuktut Working Language Diploma (for functional Inuktut language speakers).

The two diploma programs will be open to Inuit participants from throughout the territory. Pirurvik

Will work to secure the funding needed for participants from outside of Iqaluit to attend training in

The capital.

The Foundational Inuktut Working Language Diploma is an expansion of Pirurvik’s existing training in Inuktut Second Language for Inuit program. In 2017-18, the Makigiaqta Training Corporation is supporting Pirurvik to develop teaching and learning materials for this program.

Students who are not functional in Inuktut acquire the skills in speaking, comprehension, reading and writing that enable them to take part in more advanced training.

Pirurvik has delivered courses in Inuktut First Language over a number of years. This project

would see course deliveries expanded and developed into an Advanced Inuktut Working Language Diploma. Pirurvik will work to make this diploma accessible to graduates from the Nunavut Teachers Education program (NTEP) and others involved in early childhood and K-12 education. This will increase the skills among Inuktut educators in Nunavut and contribute to an overall improvement in the field.

Specific Outcomes:

Among participants, there will be:

  • Increased access to adult learning programs designed specifically for the needs of Nunavut Inuit. This includes the skills needed to work effectively in Inuktut in a range of employment opportunities.
  • For instructor trainees, there will be increased access to job-specific training related to language education and curriculum development.
  • Strengthened capability to access and apply Inuit knowledge and practices in professional and personal contexts.
  • Increased confidence in Inuit cultural identity and capability to provide Inuit leadership in Nunavut’s workplaces.

The development team will complete work on courses such as:

Literacy Stream

Inuktut Writing: Introduction to Writing Systems

Inuktut Professional Writing

Inuktut Creative Writing

Inuktut Computing & Technology

Special Topics

Modern and Technical Terminology

Traditional Terminology

Inuktut Grammar

Inuktut Dialects

Working in Translation


Researching and documenting Inuit topics

High level language articulation


• Meetings with other training organizations in Nunavut

• Creating a framework with partners for an Inuit-designed and Inuktut-specific approach to educational program accreditation

• Accreditation of both the foundational and advanced Inuktut working language diplomas.


Leena Evic
Email: leena@pirurvik.ca
Phone: 867-979-4722

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