Pirurvik Centre – Creating Employment Opportunities for Inuit through Inuktut Skills.

Pirurvik Centre

Pirurvik Centre


Leena Evic leena@pirurvik.ca
Gavin Nesbitt gnesbitt@pirurvik.ca

3 Year Project 2019-2022

Strategic Priority

  1. Early Learning System
  2. Wrap-around Support for Success K-12
  3. Foundational Skills Development for Adults
  4. Advanced Training & Post-Secondary Linked to with Employment

To increase the capacity for Inuktut language training in support of Inuit leaners, language instructors and the goals of Inuktut as a working language.

Pirurvik aims to close this gap by delivering training that develops the articulacy and literacy skills that first language speakers need to work effectively in inuktut. This will help Inuit who are outside of the workforce to qualify for more employment opportunities. It will also build skills of those who are currently underemployed so that they may advance in their careers.

Location will be in Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet.

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