Arctic Fresh Inc.

Arctic Fresh

Arctic Fresh is an Inuit owned company, with its head office based in Igloolik Nunavut. It has been catering to customers located in Nunavut’s Baffin region since 2016.

The Arctic Fresh Training Program aims to focus on developing capacity in regard to financing, logistics, marketing, HR, Human interaction and sales. The goal is to create and build local capacity and to fight food insecurity and help members of the community become more self-sufficient. The end goal is for the participants to have the skills to acquire jobs with the GN, local government, Local stores, regional projects or if they want to, open, own, operate a micro grocery store in their own community.

This project is being proposed to meet the interest that has been expressed to build entrepreneurship skills for Inuit in Nunavut, grow local capacity, create a practical hands-on business training program to assist communities in developing small business opportunities.

The purpose of the Arctic Fresh Community Representative Training Program is to train and equip twenty-five (25) Nunavummiut across the Baffin region, with new and necessary skills to take on new positions within the private and the public sector.

Participants will be able to gain experience in a truly unique to our territory format from an established Inuit business that has faced many challenges and have found ways to overcome them.

They will learn in a real environment, some of the topics and skills that will be taught are:

financial literacy, personal finances, personal development and wellness, social enterprise and Inuit business, how to incorporate IQ in a business environment, business model design, critical thinking and problem solving, operations management, management team environment, logistics, basic bookkeeping, marketing, customer service, legal, human resources. The training program will not only provide in class teaching and training but, each participant will also have the opportunity to see and build these skills on the job in a real-life setting.


Merlyn Recinos
VP of Business Development
Arctic Fresh Inc.

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