Contribution Program Call for Proposals OPEN! – closing March 18,2022

Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation (“Makigiaqta”) is requesting proposals under its Contribution Program for the delivery or development of training programs to provide Nunavut Inuit with education, training and skills needed for employment, and to enhance their economic participation and opportunities. Makigiaqta will award eligible organizations up to $250,000 each under its Contribution Program Policy (the Contribution Program Guidelines are available here). The total budget appropriated for one year under the Contribution Program is $1 million.




Makigiaqta was established following a $175 million out-of-court settlement between Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (“NTI”) and the Governments of Nunavut and Canada. Makigiaqta is responsible for administering the settlement fund to enhance Inuit’s preparedness for employment and other economic opportunities. Makigiaqta’s purpose is to carry out activities to support and provide training and skills acquisition programs to Nunavut Inuit for the purpose of enhancing the ability of Nunavut Inuit to quality for, obtain, retain or advance in employment. Makigiaqta’s vision is a vibrant Inuit workforce that contributes to strengthened Inuit wellbeing and self-determination, as envisioned in the creation of Nunavut.


Makigiaqta’s Strategic Plan (the “Plan”), which is available here, outlines four Strategic Priorities:


  1. Priority 1: Early learning systems. Investment in early learning services, especially services rooted in children’s language, heritage and culture, is strongly associated with success in K-12, employment, and positive mental health outcomes.
  2. Priority 2: Wrap-around supports for success in K-12 and beyond. Wrap-around supports are intended to complement and support the Government of Nunavut’s efforts to strengthen Nunavut’s basic education system and K-12 learning outcomes.
  3. Priority 3: Foundational skills development opportunities for adults. The Government of Nunavut and NTI have identified the need for direct and immediate action to provide literacy and adult basic education opportunities for Inuit to improve their access to employment.
  4. Priority 4: Advanced training and post-secondary education for employment in key sectors. Enhancing post-secondary and sector-specific training programs linked with employment demand will assist more Inuit in progressing their careers, ultimately increasing Inuit employment in higher-skilled jobs in the near-term.

Organizations are encouraged to review the Plan in preparing their responses to this call for proposals.

Scope of Programs


Makigiaqta is seeking proposals to advance any of the Strategic Priorities described above. Priority will be given to proposals managed and delivered primarily by Nunavut Inuit.


The maximum length for the delivery of any program will be one year. Makigiaqta will consider proposals for:


  1. programs that can be completed in up to one year; or
  2. courses that can be completed in up to one year that are part of a multi-year program.


Makigiaqta will negotiate program start times and lengths with successful organizations.


Eligible Organizations


Makigiaqta will accept applications from:


  • Organizations that are registered as non-profit organizations in Nunavut and which are in good-standing with Nunavut Legal Registries.
  • For-profit organizations that are licensed and registered as a business in Nunavut and operate the proposed program on a not-for-profit basis.
  • Non-profit or for-profit organizations that are registered in their appropriate provincial or territorial registry and registered as an extra-territorial entity in Nunavut.

Preference will be given to non-profit organizations registered in Nunavut. For for-profit organizations, preference will be given to Inuit Firms registered on NTI’s Inuit Firm Registry.


An organization found to be lacking the responsibility or capability to assure proper performance of a program may be deemed ineligible for the purpose of this call for proposals. To this end, Makigiaqta may deem ineligible an organization which:


  • In the past twelve months has defaulted on a previous contract or contracts with Makigiaqta, NTI or its affiliates.
  • By reason of contract non-performance, has balances owing to Makigiaqta, NTI or its affiliates or has had funding clawed back by Makigiaqta, NTI or its affiliates.
  • Has failed to furnish Makigiaqta, NTI or its affiliates with financial statements or other accountability documents as required under a contract.
  • For whatever reason, has in the past been disqualified from submitting proposals or entering into contracts with Makigiaqta, NTI or its affiliates.
  • Is the subject of any pending investigation by a court or other authority, or who, as an entity or whose officers are under investigation or have been convicted of a fraud or other financial impropriety.
  • Is not in good standing with applicable legal registries.

Instructions for the Delivery of Proposals


All proposals must meet the mandatory requirements of Makigiaqta’s Project Application Form. Applicants can provide additional information that does not fit on the form as attachments. The application form is available on, and organizations should review the application form thoroughly for further details about the information and documents required with all proposals.


Organizations must also provide required proof of compliance, such as registration under the Societies Act, the Business Corporations Act, the Inuit Firm Registry, or evidence of in good-standing status or extra-territorial registration.


Organizations must clearly indicate on any proposal that it is being submitted in response to this call for proposals, and may submit their proposal in person, by mail or by electronic transmission to:


Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation

P.O. Box 638

922 Igluvut Building

Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0

Phone: (867)-975-4900

Email address:


Deadline for Submitting Proposals


Organizations must submit proposals by no later than 12:00 pm ET on March 18, 2022.


If an application is non-compliant with Makigiaqta’s requirements, the organization will be requested to revise and re-submit their proposals during the application period and prior to the deadline.


Makigiaqta will not consider proposals received or revised after the deadline, and recommends that organizations submit their proposals as early as possible or contact Makigiaqta to ensure the compliance of any proposal submitted with the application requirements.


It is the sole responsibility of organizations to ensure that Makigiaqta receives proposals by the deadline.


Questions About this Call for Proposals


Organizations may submit any questions about this call for proposals to: Randy Qamaniq, Director, Department of Inuit Training Programs & Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation, at


Makigiaqta’s Review of Proposals


Proposals will first be screened and scored by Makigiaqta’s Project Officers. Final decisions will be made by the Selection Committee consisting of the Chief Executive Officer, the Inuit Training Director and the Inuit Employment Director.


Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:


  1. Whether the proposal will advance one or several of Makigiaqta’s Strategic Priorities, and whether the proposal proposes a program that:
  • Provides instruction in Inuktut.
  • Provides accreditation.
  • Includes Inuit employment for the delivery of the program.
  • Proposes to target programs to a sizeable number of Nunavut Inuit.
  • Proposes Nunavut-wide accessibility or delivery to multiple Nunavut communities.
  • Accommodates barriers to learning.
  • Includes adequate lesson plans and learning objectives.


50% of total

  1. The organization’s technical capacity, including whether the proposal:
  • Demonstrates that the organization has the technical capacity to deliver the program.
  • Promises to deliver the program in a cost-effective manner.
  • Explains that the organization has a proven history and experience in program delivery to Nunavut Inuit.
  • Includes eligible and reasonable expenses.


50% of total

Organizations are therefore encouraged to include information relevant to these factors, and any other factors they consider relevant, with their proposals.


Makigiaqta will score applications out of a possible 100 points, weighted according to the two categories described above. Makigiaqta will award additional points when reviewing proposals as follows:


  • The program will primarily use Inuit employment in its delivery: 15 points
  • The proposed program is accredited by a relevant accreditation body and is delivered by:
    • a not-for-profit organization based in Nunavut: 15 points
    • any other type of eligible organization: 10 points
  • The proposed program is not accredited but is delivered by a non-profit organization based in Nunavut: 7 points
  • The organization delivering the program is registered
    • as an Inuit business on the Inuit Firm Registry maintained by NTI: 5 points
    • on the NNI Policy maintained by Government of Nunavut: 5 points


Makigiaqta expects to announce the selected proposals on April 8, 2022, though this date is subject to change.


All applicants will be informed in writing whether their applications were selected or not selected within 10 days of Makigiaqta’s review and selection of proposals.