Tumikuluit Saipaaqivik Daycare Training

Tessa Lochhead and Noodloo Peter had worked together to build and enhance the current daycare programming and administration structure at Tumikuluit and had produced a Nunavut Daycares Administrative Guide.

As Tessa and Noodloo worked together to figure out which areas of administration need fostering, clarification and nurturing, together they created a step by step administration guide that could be used by the Tumikuluit Daycare for many years to come. This guide includes administrative scheduling, reporting tasks to the Dept. Ed and to Nasaijiit accounting, proposal writing, timesheets, meetings long-term plans, staff management, conflict resolution, program development and overall functioning of the administrative task and financial management of the Tumikuluit Daycare. This guide was created so that it could also be applicable (and beneficial) for other daycare centres throughout Nunavut.


Noodloo Peter

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