Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre – Inunnguiniq Mentorship Program-Fostering Inunnguiniq in Our Communities


Qaujigiartiit HRC’s proposal is titled Inunnguiniq Mentorship Program – Fostering Inunnguiniq in Our Communities. This project meets Makigiaqta’s SPA #2 – Wrap Around Supports for K – 12 and Beyond.

Community of Training – 4 Participants in 3 communities
Start and End – September 2019 to March 2022

Summary of Project


The objective of this project is to support Nunavummiut to become Inunnguiniq Mentors in their communities. “Inunnguiniq” means “the making of a capable human being” and refers to Inuit child-rearing philosophy and practices:

Community Training

  • Providing Inunnguiniq training sessions to community members in Nunavut
  • Community members become certified facilitators for the Inunnguiniq Program in their community through a 5-day training course
  • Deliver in different communities – to be identified
  • Priority to individuals who work with children and parents, and wish to run the Inunnguiniq program in their community

Mentorship for 4 Nunavummiut

  • 4 Nunavummiut from each region participate in a 2-year Inunnguiniq Mentorship Program
  • Learning from community members and Elders
  • Includes practice teaching experience and practicum instruction

This will contribute to the strengthening of Inunnguiniq capacity within communities and also mentorship within identified organizations to contribute to greater Inunnguiniq capacity in our communities in general.

Upon completion, they will have the knowledge and experience to mentor their colleagues within their own organizations in the ways of Inunnguiniq and embed activities within their preschool, wellness centres, daycares and other organizations.